Prohab Helmet Society 2010 Calender Nov 4, 2009

The Prohab Helmet Society is a non-profit dedicated to providing helmets by donation to active individuals who wouldn’t normally use them. Vancouver, being one of the friendliest cycling cities in North America, has a high demand for helmets. To help fund their effort, Prohab put together a 2010 Ladies bike calender. Check out a preview after the jump…

Ms. December all dirty, working on a bike. If you’re into this, you can pick up a calender for about $26 USD shipped.

  • dontcoast

    nice picture except…what’s she need a crescent wrench for on the bike? and is it that unsafe to work on your bike you need a helmet for that, too?

    seems like good people though

  • ha! i’m pretty sure that my friend allison is in that bunch… i thought she was living in victoria, though… either way…

    it should also be noted that helmets are mandatory in vancouver – i nearly got burned on that a couple of years ago when i was riding out there. dodged the ticket by showing them that i was from toronto and had only been in the city for about 2 hours…

  • Fixed the price with paypal. it’s down to about $22.50 USD after shipping.

    Thanks for the post John!