Profile Fixed & Geekhouse Nov 5, 2009

Spotted this nice shot over at Trick Track and I’m going to take a guess what’s going on here. Geekhouse sub-contracted a fabrication house to make SAE-standard track bolts to fit a Profile fixed hub. These bolts lay flush with a custom-designed Geekhouse fork-end (dropout). The laywer’s lips keep the hub and wheel attached to the fork, even if the bolts come loose or the rider forgets to torque them down. Sexy and clean detail. Hats off gentleman.

I’m probably wrong on a few points there, so feel free to correct me if you know any more details!

Wait till you see what we’re working on…

Edit: Marty from Geekhouse and Christian from Profile posted comments with some more information, so head down to read them.

Profile Fixed 3/8″ Axles Available Friday

  • Hey guys,
    Well actually this is a totally different set up from the new Profile 3/8″ axles. This is actually a 20mm thru axle, non-disc brake MTB hub that Profile also makes.
    This fork is off our 2009 NAHBS show bike and the fork drops are the Greg Melms ( MTB 20mm fork ends with ti profile crank bolts mounted to a custom CNC spacers and custom CNC alum axle.
    This whole set up went on our Uber Rockcity model that was a one of a kind deal. Anyway, thanks for the props John! Wait til you see what we’re working on this year for NAHBS!!!


  • Yep, it’s a non-disk Profile MTB Boxxer 20mm hub. Super clean installation, Geekhouse is awesome.

    The Profile Button Head Bolts will work with the new True 3/8 Profile Axles which will be available starting tomorrow. Get Excited. They are dialed.

  • TOM

    Damn, this looks so sick. I was gonna say that looks an awfully lot like a 20mm through axle with some profile bitchin bolts..Very cool idea.