Peel Sessions in LOOP Magazine Nov 2, 2009

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LOOP Magazine has a nice two-page spread on Peel Sessions in their second issue. Takuya Sakamoto shot the pictures for the article and wrote the descriptions.

Tak comes out to Peel Sessions frequently and he’s seen it grow over the years. Now that there are more freestyle kids in NYC, the crowd has gotten to be a core group of riders. These guys are some of my best friends. Thursday nights is my favorite night of the week and Tak really captures the atmosphere in this article.

His photographs bring out the environment and grittiness of the Peel Sessions spot and it shows the various kinds of bikes that roll through on any given Thursday.

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There were a ton of riders from all over visiting this week, even in the crappy weather. He got a bike check from just about everyone, so click the image to enlarge the picture. You’ll recognize a few of the people.

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Thanks to everyone who comes out every week and big ups to all the out-of-towners who have swung through in the past! Check out some more pics here.

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