Pedallas Revival Premiere Photos Nov 22, 2009

Pedallas uploaded some pictures from the Revival Premiere last night. A good amount of people showed up. What’d you guys think?

  • voltaire

    total sausage fest

  • The Revival Premiere at Transit was a hell of fun party for a hell of a good flick.

    If your on the fence about snatching-up this vid… do it. You won’t regret it. Its a nice mix of purdy cinematography and all out aggression.

    And hey, TPearl and Frank.. stay on the fixed and off them BMX jobbers (TPearl hyper-extended his knee and Frank blew up his ankle). Get better quick, the rides wont be the same without yah.

  • What Eric said. Plus…..

    TPearl and Frank, I feel your pain.

    Thank you Transit for a kick ass time.

    p.s. Denton kids killed the trick comp.

  • Ryan

    Awesome premiere.
    Transit is a really cool shop. Big up to Every one involved in making this event possible ! Not to mention The first trick comp ever in Dallas!! Very fun times!

  • Pi64

    Big up to Darren Fran and Omar @ Transit for making this event possible!! It was a real blast . Kevin ,Drew, Arman and Owen Did it big in the trick comp! Very cool night.