Mini Gorille Keychain Nov 19, 2009

nice pants!

The designers at Mini Gorille in Lyon – France, have made a keychain specifically for fixed gear riders. Each loop is customizable with a series of phrases and in numerous colors. Check it out over at Jadoo.

Colors and phrases available.

They chose some pretty funny phrases for the loops that’s for sure. I want one that says 42:16!

  • aj

    judging from her pants she must be one of those mean ole fixie fags that hurt a22 feelings…

  • se

    how about “C’est Stupide.”

  • jeff

    how do you get your key off? because that looks like a chain connector to me.

  • It’s a locking (swivel) ring. So you have to turn the ring to get your keys out. Not a really good design. Carabiners work fine.

  • Lian

    … how bout just a carabeener? i don’t get it

  • fred

    sweet turbo saddle

  • what ever happened to thumb print access to the things that are important, or scanning your eyes like in demolition man… WTF!

  • i like the photo on the top left more than I like the keychain.

  • Like a subway ride “Mind the gap”…

  • alejandro

    “Eachhain keyc loop” typo?

  • bad day for me…

  • how is it specific to fixed gear riders?.. wait, i get it – it’s not very practical. how apropos.

  • the zingers keep rolling in! haha

  • Perhaps if you mount it to your belt on the front or side hip, assuming the webbing is long enough, you wouldn’t even have to undo your key from the swivel ring to access your lock? That would be nice in winter if you got mitts or gloves on.

  • yeah, that top left picture is nice ;)