Michael Froelich at FDR Nov 17, 2009

photo by Jesse Johnston

Michael Froelich getting over-vert at FDR. Great shot. Love the lighting. I haven’t been there in ages. The last time I was there, almost two years ago, Tony was getting up there shirtless. That wall’s changed a lot since then. Good to see people shredding it!

Tony and Tom, this shit needs to happen again soon.

  • Prolly where is this? Is this in NY? The spaceinvader looks familiar…

  • drew leshko

    jesse’s photos are looking better and better.
    That night was fun. My body still aches.

  • Chris, not NYC and you certainly can’t go there during the day on your fixed gear. You’ll get bottles thrown at you.


  • haha. I’ll just roll up on this http://news.creativeleague.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/TU-FireTrickBOB01c-m-1-470×350.jpg
    so i blend in with the 20″ crowd.

  • Wilis

    We used to go there all the time during the day. The locals think it’s cool, a lot of them ride there fixed there to skate. Just go early…

  • Jose

    Love Philly.

  • This is a rad shot and a super radical bicycle maneuver. props.