Merckx’s Weekend in NYC Nov 16, 2009

7-11 with DA 7400 group

To continue the Merckx Mondays post from today; this past weekend was Eddy’s promotional visit to NYC. Along with his Ride in the Park on Saturday, he was at Strictly Bicycles in Fort Lee, New Jersey signing autographs for an hour.

Side note on the 7-11 pictured above. How’d you get that DA stem to take the 26.4 Giro de Italia bars? I thought the stems were 25.4 clamp? Spanner?

Eddy Merckx with Modolo brakes

I’ve been waiting for more shots to surface on Flickr of his signing and visit to NYC but alas, nothing has popped up yet. Luckily for the sake of this posting, Chari and Co was there and I’ve poached a few shots from their blog.

the Cannibal himself

Really bums me out that I missed all this. Too much going on for me to be on the bike all day and the weather’s got me feeling ill. Shame. Maybe next time.

Thanks to the Chari blog for the pics and sucks about your derailleur man!

Eddy Merckx Autographed 7-11
Ride in the Park with Eddy Merckx

  • ws

    and the front brake quick release on that 7-11 is turned up (open)?

  • K

    What headtube extension? Are you talking about the frame pump?

    @ws: Is that the next level of wingnutting your skewer?

  • Cinelli, towards the end of the nineties, made a bunch of 26.0 stuff. I guess they thought that the writing was on the wall. The Dura Ace stem comes in 25.4 AND 26.0… so that’s how that works.

  • Yep. Most of the newer logo bars (late 90’s) were 26.0

    I didn’t know the DA stems were 25.4 and 26.0 – all I’ve seen on ebay and online have been 25.0 clamp (WTF?) and 25.4

    Thanks for the commentary Harry. I owe you a BikeJob.

  • Rui

    I missed this cause of the freeking swine flu! As if being sick as dog doesnt suck enough.

  • Once again, I stand corrected… Seems this only lists the stem at 26.0 clamp. Then why did the one I measure with calipers come in at 25.0 and why are there some on eBay with a 25.4 / 25.0 clamp too? Weird. Oh well.

  • The HS-6400 was definitely offered in 25.4:

    The same stem existed in the AX line as the HS-7200/6300, with slightly different engraving – in 25.8 and 26.5 for the DA!

    Given how long the stem was around, I wouldn’t be surprised to see all sorts of variations in size. 25.0 would be extremely abnormal, however.