Merckx Mondays Nov 2, 2009

I remember when I saw this bike in the park this summer. It was probably the first non-NJS track bike I’ve seen with a Suntour Superbe Pro group that I liked. I don’t know why I’m such a Campy snob when it comes to vintage track bikes, but it’s the truth. I’ll admit it. I just dig the original fluted Pista cranks and Nuovo Record rings but Atanz’s SLX Pista is making me question my Campy love. This thing is immaculate.

It’s not just the picture, this bike is clean…

Really loving the Greenpoint-style studio shots too. Lighting is perfect. Check out some more shots over at his Velospace page.

Speaking of Greenpoint, Ethan of Laek House recently shot his Fall / Winter ’09 lookbook at the Java St. piers in the Brooklyn neighborhood. Here’s Colin modeling the Eddy Sane shirt, illustrated by Nick James (the guy who drew this).

More cyclo-cultural Merckx references to come next week.

  • chris

    Tough to beat Campy but I have to agree John that his Merckx with the Suntour group is super nice!!! I read some place that he bought that “as is” from Craigslist out of Denver I think. Some guys have all the luck!! Great post.

  • That is a gorgeous bike, and I’ll agree that if he found that as-is in Denver he does have all the luck.

  • atanz

    by far the cheapest bike I’ve ever purchased, the track bike bubble doesn’t exist in colorado.
    thanks john for posting that up here, btw saddle angle has been fixed! ;] level is where its at.



    I knew that’d piss you off!


  • Probably the best five hundy he ever spent!