Macaframa: Joel Weston Nov 18, 2009

Joel Weston from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Naturally when I first saw this I thought it was in rewind. The way he lifts up into it looked more like the end of a wheelie in reverse, so abrupt. But there’s a few other things that show that it looks like he really is doing a fakie wheelie. Shirt’s blowing the right way and there’s a car driving down the back street.

Very impressive Wheelie Joel. Just one of those shocking moments where it takes some time to recollect.

Via Macaframa

  • Ed

    FINALLY…a backwards wheelie.

  • wha wha what?!?!?

  • they don’t call him Wheelie Joel for nothing…

  • K

    I think you were right the first time, Prolly.

  • dipidizip

    sweet.., what frame is that??

  • Nah, it’s real. Kid’s been workin on it for months.

  • Tyler Johnson


  • Brad Serls

    No effin way!! This is incredible!

  • Spine chills. That is insane. I’m down with 700cmx, but it’s cool that SF is sticking to tarck bikes… from what I’ve seen.

  • rich baldwin

    this is 100% real joel slaps this trick at the island in sf all the time

  • yupp this is def real and really sick, nice job joel, keep it up!

  • Chunky

    Yeah, saw him this sunday poping those wheelies

  • ksed

    i don’t know, check the the chain slack. looks an awful lot like he’s pedaling forwards. i’m not a hater, just looks a little fishy.

  • its real

    jesus people it’s real, maybe if it was filmed a bit better you would see that.

  • like prolly said, the last few seconds of a video you see a car driving forward in the background

  • TOM

    It’s legit, watch the car moving forward on the back street right before the rider goes out of frame.

  • ryedooger

    It could be real its just really hard to beleive. Its like if Prolly just did a flatland backflip on his bruiser we’d all watch it and be like wtfomfgbbq cuz we can’t comprehend thant

  • rich baldwin

    also look right before he pops up
    he is wobbling his front wheel = he was riding fakie
    and watching joel learn these was crazy.

  • biggayL

    wake me up when he does it in the strapz.

  • uolmo

    Back wheeling with another girl on your shoulders:

  • radam