Levi’s® BMX 2009 – 24 Crashes Nov 4, 2009

Levi’s® BMX 2009_24 Crashes from Will Stroud on Vimeo.

I’m never complaining about falling off my bike again. Growing up watching Tum-Yeto skate videos, the crash scenes were always the best. This video from the 2009 Levi’s tour is over 4 minutes of nasty falls. Will Stroud directed, edited and produced the video for Levi’s. Will’s done numerous other BMX projects so I’m sure he’s used to see people falling. We however aren’t. Some of these are pretty gruesome.

  • Just watched the whole thing rewinding some of them. Great vid, but makes me feel very bad about myself for complaining about sliding out my back tire, or going over the bars.

  • Nick in NOLA

    dude, some of those are gnarly. all i can think about is
    a) letting your body go limp as soon as you bail so you don’t hurt yourself
    b) shredding the fuck out of Woodward, either on my bike or skateboard.

  • prettyboy

    Double front flip. WOW!