[email protected]! 09 HAMAbike BFF Edit Nov 29, 2009

[email protected]!09HAMAbike from [email protected]! on Vimeo.

I saw this months ago at the Bicycle Film Festival NYC headquarters. A lot of really good riding that’s obviously progressed since the video was first edited. Some noted performances are the dude on the pink Durcas-one (Kosuke?). He does a lot of chainring grinds, 1080 double-tap cabs and some long lines. 1:50 there’s a lonnnnnng grind that’s buttery smooth.

Nasty’s section starts off with a banger too. At the 3:38 mark he compensates for the fixed pedal stroke on a short ledge; ET through the hop, which sets himself up for a hop bar off. Very techy and very clean. He continues to murder shit with fakie hops down 4 and a clean-ass full cab down a long-2-stair gap. Insanity!

Nice riding guys!

[email protected]! BFF 2009 TOKYO Trailer
[email protected]! HAMA BIKE & BFF 2009 TOKYO Trailer

  • sam allgood

    the 180 bar hop – full cab – slider line @3:25
    so ridiculous.

  • Terry B

    The cab down the two was flawless.

  • Sam, where you been man!?

    Yo, this edit is the sickest that I have ever seen, i think. Nasty is my new favorite rider. Walk the dog down the stairs! ET crank to bar, what the fuck!

  • NBF

    The grind over the humped ledge was so clean, along with full-cabing the set and the nose pivot-slider hop off hop on down the 2, so effortless, I really like their style of riding.

  • jnd

    4:12 did it for me.

  • ct justin

    holy shit, very nice super fast, looks great one of the best edit i’ve seen.

  • ct justin

    holy shit, very nice super fast, looks great one of the best edit i’ve seen.

  • PTC

    What frame is he riding?

  • It’s a fuji track frame – chromoly and a wbase ‘do a trick’ fork

  • tyler johnson

    I love this.

  • i loved every sexond of this. thats right. sexond.

  • vin-E

    man…. amazing…. this was shot a few months ago you said? Japan is KILLING it!