Kings and Queens and Track Bikes Nov 12, 2009

I hate the music, but it’s a pretty cool video. Shot in LA, in a critical mass-style group ride. Tallbikes, cruisers, mtb, road and track. You’ll recognize some of the people in it if you look closely. Seeing Jared Leto with an Aerospoke is funny to me for some reason. If My So-Called Life was shot in the present day, he totally would have been on a track bike the whole time.

Via Congo’s Twitter

George and Congo

  • Seamus

    Jarred Leto the face of all things bike culture. God-bless him and I wish him continued success, where would any of us be without Letos continued support and commitment to the sports and the community ‘

  • rayumnd

    i hope thats sarcasm.

  • jnd

    good god that is the most Caucasian sound i have heard in a while.
    soul less pitch corrected nonsense.
    stop posting every piece of shit wiped toilet paper with a bike on it john!



  • Jared Leto’s got nothing on my Windsor.

  • Cory

    Little Banksy in there, too.

  • Thanks 30 Seconds to Mars for filming probably one of the most expensive bicycling PSA’s ever created.

    It’s a little too cheesy for my taste, but hey if they play it on MTV and it makes some kid want to go ride a bike I’m all for that.

  • Matt

    Ha thats me on the screen shot

  • andy

    sick I was wondering who was doing all those keos and bigspins and wheelies in the middle of a mob

  • congo

    lolz shits so funny. we filmed for 4 hours to get 2 clips in the music video. lol it was fun tho

  • Thomas

    Dear sweet lord this band blows.

  • Dan

    Was not suspecting that horse at all.

  • CONGO and BRANDON Reppin..

  • sau

    someone please explain the white horse. what the heck?

  • tyler

    you really thought that was “pretty cool?!” not everything w/ a bike in it is automatically “pretty cool.” that was atrocious.

  • Paula

    woah, white horse?

  • Petey

    nothing original. awful infact

  • tealtop1

    really u ppl think ur cool cuz u ride a bike? aand that band is freaking awesome and a lot better than the crap you listen to.if more ppl would actually listen to music that had a message and a meaning than maybe you wouldn’t be wrking at wendy’s and getting knocked up.

    your welcome

  • dude, who throws a rose molotov cocktail??