Kamome Fakie Wheelie Nov 24, 2009

KAMOME fixed gear from ARAKID on Vimeo.

It’s on now kids. Last week Joel Westin busted out the first street-fixed fakie wheelie and now the Japanese have responded. Kamome Fixed has a nice video of one of their riders doing one. The reason I said “street-fixed” is because artistic cyclists have been doing this for years. No-handed with barspins thrown in the mix too. But we’re not riding 1:1 ratios or ridiculous bikes. Well, that last part is debatable in some circles!

EDIT: This is fake. Look at the 20 second mark. The car is going backwards. Come on now!

Via Lockedcog

Joel Weston Practicing
Macaframa: Joel Weston

  • Gallagher

    Take it for what its worth… Joels=real
    this i feel like all the people around him arent riding nearly as straight as the guy, i think this was played in reverse, and every one but “fakie wheelie” Kamome where riding fakie. look near the end when the guy riding next to him looks back but not to hard to though him off. Just my two cents.

  • chris clappe

    looks fake

  • dennis

    I call bullshit! look at the last part the car is going backwards. ha nice try

  • HAHA HOLY SHIT. Didn’t notice the car. FA1L

  • jnd

    yup its bogus.. they got clever, gave it the ol collage try but that van gives it away at the end in the upper left corner.
    its doable. the dude in sf is legit. ive come close but not that smoothly , its just balance not rocket science.
    the next person posting a fakie wheelie has to be dictating during it so no one can call shennanigans haha….

  • bigman

    i watched the video and thought, sickk another guy doing em big. then i went on with my life. realized i had no life and came back and read some comment maybe a couple mins later. Didnt really believe them at first. watched the video closely. and then at the end when you see the car going in reverse at that speed down the street…

    come on.. at least watch your own video and make sure it looks real.

  • Lakser

    Dennis wins the internet today….whats next fake wall rides?

  • crihs

    joels video is iffy just done better. second one is a joke.

  • covetedacclaim

    lol a fake fakie

  • Skutt Farcus

    OH SNAP!

  • Truenick

    knew this was faker than your moms tits before i saw the edit. Joel is the man!!

  • Terry B

    Look what Joel has started. Now he has a following of fake fakies.
    crihs– iffy, really?
    the nay sayers will have a foot in their mouth soon.

  • radam

    psssh forget the fact that there’s a car going in reverse. forget the fact that the lift of the wheelie looks funky. forget the fact that everyone around him “supposedly” riding forward can’t ride in a straight line.

    No slider out! now that’s what really gave it away.

  • Given whats been going on lately, I think this video really came out of Taiwan…just sayin’

  • Mauberret

    thats why theres a car in reverse at 00:20