Hipsters Discussing Cyclocross Nov 17, 2009


Two hipsters discussing cyclocross. Pretty funny. No idea why they wouldn’t use real voices, unless they want to disguise their identities. Some really really good lines.

“I’m DJing at the Hipster Machine”

Edit: the embed code seems to be busted. Watch it here.

  • Karoshi

    “No idea why they wouldn’t use real voices . . .”
    It’s due to how Xtranrml lets users make these cartoons. You type in text and it uses creator-chosen synthesized voices once it’s finished.

  • Johnny

    Yea, I double checked ont hat and basically is trying to do second life with text speech. Not that bad of the idea. Hilarious jokes in that video.

  • That was amazing. I wonder how many people will miss the sense of humor train on this one.

  • Niels Albert is the best cyclocross rider of the moment, I saw him ride in Overijse this weekend!