Griffin Menswear Discount Nov 10, 2009

harris tweed fixed jacket

The people at Griffin Menswear have set up a 20% off discount for readers of Prolly is Not Probably. Enter the code, PINP20 at checkout to apply the discount.

Not bad!

You can also still register to win a Charge x Griffin Plug bike. All you have to do is enter your email here.

Thanks guys!

  • Dammed 570$ !!!!!!!

  • It’s true, a lot for the US market, but I do get a lot of UK-based traffic. Which is probably what the discount will most likely help out.

  • action fashion

    I don’t get the “fixed” clothing. I don’t see any brands releasing “bmx” pants or “trials” jackets. Fixed gear is just a fashionable trend afterall huh?

  • Because you don’t ride your bmx or trials bike great distances. Shit man, if you have a trials bike, you probably drive it to ride places. Would you also ride your bike in the rain to work? Or commute on it everyday? No. People do ride their fixed gears, track bikes and road bikes to work everyday and sometimes a normal hoodie or jacket isn’t suited for it. The arms are too short, the back lifts up and it bunches at the arms / waist.

    A “fixed” or “cycling” jacket has longer arms, tapered sides, vents and a longer back to keep mud / shit off your ass.

    “Cycling” jackets have been around for ages, but since no one is going to put on their race kit to ride +/- 30 miles on the weekend with their friends, they like to have some clothing that is tailored for cycling and doesn’t scream “bike rider”.

  • I d like to say that I agree with both comments – they re both “true”, but I recon John’s explanation makes a lot of sense

  • action fashion

    Ill agree. My point is, why does it have to be labeled a fixed jacket? It will serve its purpose on any style bike. More people will commute on a road or singlespeed from my experience anyways. Why do clothing companies do collabs with fixed gear companies? Why do bmx companies like volume, fbm etc… make fixed gears? So they can capitalize on a trend to support what they really care about. Which sure as fuck aint fg’s. I’m not bashing. I ride fixed gears and bmx. Just sucks that that’s the reality of things.

  • I don’t think it’s that way across the board. Say what you will about Volume, but they are addressing the market and listening to the consumers. Same with most the companies making fixed-style bikes and parts.

    And it’s obvious the BMX industry is making fixed gears to make money and stay afloat in the shitty economy. As long as they’re responding to the demand and the demand still exists, there’s nothing wrong with that. Hell, a 700c frameset costs what their completes cost.

    But, I like options, don’t you? 3 years ago there wasn’t shit to ride that was durable. Now there are multiple companies producing bikes.

    You are right about the jacket’s name, it doesn’t have to be labeled a “fixed” jacket. With the negative connotations associated with “hipster fixie kids”, it’s easy to get judgmental and even overly-sensitive about it. These companies do know that the “fixie” crowd often buys and wears styles that many “roadies” wouldn’t be caught dead in. A lot of these fixed gear kids wouldn’t wear a cycling kit in a bar, but they would wear this jacket…

    There are again, more sides to it than that. The urban fixed gears made cycling more popular and for many people, it’s their first bike. They probably never rode a road bike or a mtb and are used to “street clothes” – stuff like this appeals to them. Where they’d feel uncomfortable going into a big bike shop and trying on Gore Bike Wear jackets.

    I’m speaking in circles here and I’ve already spent enough time commenting on this post, but I generally agree with you…