Gnarcotix Trailer 2 Nov 10, 2009

gnarcotix trailer 2 welcome to the bayyyyyy from Gnarcotixsf on Vimeo.

The Gnarcotix guys have just posted their second trailer. Some bangers in there including a 540 double tap barspin, 720 double taps and a ton of beefs. Lookin good guys!

Gnarcotix Bike Checks
Gnarcotix Saga Continues

  • alexokp

    sweet. the music, editing and tricks all resemble a mid 90’s bmx video.

  • KAM

    …. sorry, although you guys are good at tricking, I dislike riders like you….lemme see you bomb some bay area hills, THEN your keospins will be ok.

  • quick to jump to conclusions, although they are mostly tarck, those guys live and breathe sf and ride hills on the regular

  • taylor

    we ride the hills all the time, what do you think got me into fixed gears in the first place?