Elliot is a Stalker Nov 30, 2009

AJ Austin sent me this as a warning to the ladies of Houston. A girl he’s friends with made it for a class project. If you see this man, run away very fast because it’s likely faster than he can spin his tiny gear!

Love ya Elliot!

Edit: Visit Alexandra’s Flickr set from the project here.

  • jimmy james

    englihs fail, it’s discrEEtly, not discretely.

  • Brody

    It’s like if Richard Ramirez had ridden fixed.

  • sneakyspin and WOW. this guy!

  • headbandana

    A post dedicated to Elliot.

    Get to Houston already!

    -Ana C.

  • Alexandra

    Holy Cow, thats my pic!

  • I named a trick after Elliot.
    It’s called the “Filthy Santillan”, what you wanna do is find a 17 year old girl on FB or something, sit her on your crotch bar, and no handed wheelie into the movies.
    Shit is H.Y.P.E.

    It started here