Dinosaur Comics and Helmets Nov 16, 2009

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Dinosaur Comics. Helmets. Enough said.

  • chris

    We see a lot of folks on your blog, you included, riding/working lines without a helmet. Is there a double-standard here? Just asking.

  • Good point Chris. I always wear a helmet when commuting to work, riding in the city and riding in alleycats. If it’s not on my head during photos, it’s in my bag.

    I don’t always wear a helmet when doing tricks. You’ll see in Empire that I do wear one 90% of the time.

    I know it’s not the best example and I know life is short and delicate yadda yadda yadda, so I’m working on that.

  • chris

    Definitely not preaching here. I’m guilty of not wearing a helmet most of the time (to my wife’s dismay). So, I hear you man.

  • jeff

    Waaait, so always wear a helmet, but blasting around traffic and through intersections on a brakeless bike is alright? Why not live by the gun, die by the gun? Not trying to call you out specifically, but helmets prevent head injuries in crashes. Safe, predictable cycling prevents crashes. Let’s not get the two mixed up here.

  • (which is why I like to commute by road bike most of the time)


    faster, safer but not as fun… My foot is also keeping me off fixed for commuting at the moment. Skidding hurts…

  • the josh-a-matic

    Long time listener, first time caller. I fall into semi-hypocrite territory, too. AND if anyone should know better, it’s me – I’m finishing my master’s in impact biomechanics and basically develop helmets for a living. The head injury statistics, both in terms of frequency and effect to quality of life, are pretty staggering. There is almost no other injury that will turn you into helpless quivering flesh lump like a serious brain injury can. I sometimes find myself wishing the US would pass a mandatory helmet law to help remove the stigma. Yes, I care too much about “looking cool” – I wish I didn’t. Civil liberties types: you have every right to object, but first you should read the amount of money spent by the gov’t on the care of brain trauma victims.

  • Andy Moore

    *This post is dangerous, teens!* (even six years later!)

    I guess this got referenced via the new Lazer Camo helmet post, and I just laughed so hard that I spit out my mouthful of water all over my work computer.