Dallas Revival Premiere Nov 16, 2009

Yep yep! More Revival premieres!

This whole project has moved at a lightening-pace. I’m very impressed with Wayne and Tom’s diligence. Good job dudes!

The Dallas premiere will be at Transit Bikes in Uptown Dallas. If anyone takes pics, send them my way!

  • aj

    Dallas? This saturday…. fools yall should be coming to Sides 3. for shame Farris/Frank.

  • You can count on us having pics on our site:) we’ll forward them you’re way!

  • Farris

    Come on AJ, dont be like that! Haha.

  • aj

    i know i know, i just miss you fools thats all.

  • eric

    sides 3/ revival premiere will be benefiting the family of Lee Powers, a close friend to a ton of third coast riders. All who can make it to houston this saturday, please come.