Copper-Plated Tree Lite Sprocket pt.2 Nov 14, 2009

I uploaded this to Flickr earlier this week and completely forgot to post it. Tree copper-plated two sprockets and sent one my way. The pictures don’t do this thing justice. It’s so nice. I’m riding a 42t at the moment and this is a 36t, which is going to look substantially smaller on my massive bike.

Going to put it on tomorrow, along with a 13t cog and begin to watch it patina. Can’t wait! Once it weathers, I’ll post it. It should turn a nice turquoise within a month or two.

Thanks again guys!

Copper-Plated Tree Lite Sprocket

  • sebastian

    are they going to make anymore of these? they are beautiful!!!

  • Jeff

    it looks decent now. so when it turns bright green youre still gonna run it?

  • Yep, I’ll still run it. I think that’s when copper looks the best!

  • Ran

    36×13 reppin!

  • Jeff

    Are you running this ring on the winter bike? If so, it will tarnish pretty fast! A nice green by March maybe.

  • Nah, copper takes +/- 20 years to patina naturally. I’ll be adding some vinegar, kosher salt and ammonium chloride to it. Or Muriatic acid.

    I designed a store with a copper facade a while back. We waited 2 years and nothing happened. Did some research and gave it a nice ammonium chloride / vinegar bath and VIOLA. The next day it was already beginning to patina.

  • Ed

    Dude, you try pissing on it?