Chrome Women’s Apparel Nov 3, 2009

Chrome Pasha

Chrome bags from SF have introduced two cycling apparel items, the Pasha and the Vanya, designed specifically for women.

Don’t worry, they’re not pink! One of the things that annoys me, as it probably annoys female cyclists too, is when companies make “women’s apparel” and it’s pink or it has flowers on it. What’s wrong with a plain colorway, identical to the men’s apparel, but designed and cut for women? Chrome answers, nothing!

Looks good guys! Check them out here.

Via Chrome’s Twitter

  • MagS

    It’s about damn time!

  • Rye

    So true..twin six is one of the only other companies that appeal to me because they don’t make uber feminine clothing. Can we please get Outlier to make some women’s clothing as well?

    It would be nice to buy some pants for riding that look good on and off the bike. I rip the crotch out of all of my jeans within a few months and have to patch and re-patch. Believe me if you would’ve had a women’s cut pair of pants available for the contest I truly think I could have won!

  • paula

    SWEET. finally

  • The jacket is really cute. I need to find a new one for winter. I found some good apparel here.