Carnival x T19 Jackets Nov 10, 2009

I gotta admit, I liked it before I saw the back. The wheel is overkill. The colored arm and chest stripes are nice. It looks like a Belgian flag, but I can’t tell if that’s navy or black.

Available now at Carnival in Tokyo

  • Fatkidonfire

    Prolly, do you know if Carnival have an online store? Really like the jacket but can’t find anywhere on Google Translate to suggest they sell anything anywhere but in the Shop, which is a shame!
    Hope you’re good

  • yamik

    Hey Prolly, you need glasses, that jacket is ugly!
    No, Carnival doesnt have an online-shop, and they almost don’t speak any english, but maybe Yoppi (Mad Hectic) has the stuff on his site?

  • Fatkidonfire

    The other colourways are much nicer!
    I’ll give Yoppi/ Mad Hectic a pop then, cheers for that

  • Jerk