Brev.M Nov 13, 2009

Brev.M, a new California-based company, has their own line of saddles, grips, cranks, handlebars and wheels showcased on their brand-new website. The track bars and saddles look nice and overall, they’ve done a good job with their branding. Not sure when or where they’ll be available, but keep an eye out on their blog for updates.

  • Thanks for the mention!

    Parts will start showing up in December and January in retail bike shops. We’ll be adding new stuff or changing existing stuff all the time. The goal is to keep it fresh and keep adding new stuff that is needed, or removing stuff that doesn’t work. We plan to let the brand grow or shrink organically.

    And if you didn’t click the “team” tab already, we’re looking for some good riders to work with and help us develop the line…

  • antihero1972

    thats Masi’s house brand, there is some nice stuff.

  • It’s july 2010, wre can i get Brev stuff online?