Bmore Bunnyhop Bar Nov 23, 2009

Such a nice shot from Bmore Fixed. Blasted-ass bunnyhop barspin out of the bank. Scooped! I hope you landed that because bailing or failing on those hurt like hell! Great shot.

Next time I’m down in Bmore, I’ma hit you guys up to ride!

Via Kteket’s Flickr

  • Alex

    Great photo, however after reading Bmore fixed blog I have something to say. If you need a u-lock and mace to fight you shouldn’t be talking shit in the first place. I am so sick of behavior like that it only puts a negative light on cyclists. I sincerely hope one of you ends up with a .45 to the head because honestly that’s the tree you’re barking up. If you cant fight with your fists keep your mouth shut. end of story

  • bkaspr

    john- that’s my boy sam hansen, you met him up at GTV3 in new haven, remember? he’s the guy who won the bruiser. sam has been dialing in his tricks like mad. i’m still trying to get him to take off of work and make the peel sessions.

  • but alex, guns arent fighting with your fists…jeez!

  • We do big things in baltimore.