Asphalt: Outlier Nov 16, 2009

You know you want it. Asphalt round 3 people! Who’s gonna win it this time? Up for grabs this round is one of the coveted Outlier Merino Wool Hoodies. I love mine. Been wearing it for weeks now. All day at the office and on my commutes every morning. Coupled with their Empire tee, it’s perfect for the Fall commutes. It wasn’t until my dog pissed on me that I had to wash it (no lie).

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Remember, it doesn’t have to be a track bike. It can be any bike. People ride all kinds of bikes in the winter. We’re not track-snobs over here!

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  • Keith

    I chose my GT-gtb to be the base of my winter build because it’s aluminum. To help with traction, I threw on my CX knobbies in front and added a front brake for safety. I also switched over to wide and stable bars with a nice and easy bend, wish I knew where to get a second pair.
    I added on fenders in the back, but really, they don’t help much.
    I’ve made it through two Canadian winters on her so far, there’s not much more I could ask for in a winter ride.

  • Bryan Banducci

    classy, comfortable and best of all, DRY.

  • s

    a little early for this talk about winter.
    I just rode home wearing a t-shirt.

  • Kanon08

  • Guillaume

  • I’m thinking of adding a mudguard.

  • hater69

  • Will posting more than one photo of the same bike help, or hurt our entry?

  • Jason Lee

    It doesn’t rain much here in Oakland, so I wait until the last moment to take 10 minutes to put on my full fenders.

  • Jameson

    My winter bike. 2.1″ tires with steel studs, low gearing, heavy a s%*t and ugly a sin. This photo was from 2 years ago. The bike now has wider bars, a short, positive-rise stem and a wider saddle. This winter it will also have a brake and possibly some Hold Fast straps…

  • Andrew Loaiza

    Andrew Loaiza

    Winter has come in a major way here in Bozeman Montana.
    Incase you can’t make out the title of this bike, the model name reads, “Guaranteed World’s Finest Bicycle Precision Mechanism” (no joke, it came like that). Built out of the Bozeman Bike Kitchen, this is my main mode of winter transportation. 35c w/studs, full fenders, rear brake cause it will be a polo bike when the snow goes away.

  • This gonna be my ride 4 the winter,until i finish my new frame!!!

    Cheers from Buenos Aires,Argentina!!!

  • My Redline 925, the back fender denotes it’s winter readiness…..Hold fast FRS, and a Water proof top tube pad on order right now. Still rides great in the rain, thinking of switching out the maxis and soma tires for some S700’s.

  • sorry pic didn’t work last time

  • gazza

    in the process of saving money for some clean white rims, white tyres, purple hold fast sraps and a clean white saddle.

  • There really isn’t much difference between summer and winter modes on my steed.

  • iamjberube

  • Sold my car beginning of the month. The vehicle caused half the stress in my life. Gas in the tank felt like money in the bank. Health: I wasn’t getting enough exercise, sit at home, sit in car, sit at work, repeat. Driving to the gym to exercise? Logically absurd.

    Although my ‘hood is bike friendly, I’m the only biker on the road during my commutes between home and work. I’ve ditched the morning espresso – I’m absolutely amped after the hill climb.

    The rain has finally come to the SF Bay Area and I’m ready with a winter wardrobe in shades of gore-tex and merino wool – thanks to inspiration by Outlier and Prolly’s continuous adoration of its wool line of fashionable commuting clothes. In addition to the wardrobe, the bike kit consists of a duckbill fender, 60psi slime tubes and a couple Knog Frog lights. Disc brakes and fat tires help, too.

    I used to look forward to the weekly Friday night ride, Wheels of Steel, riding with the homies in Broakland (Oakland and Berkeley). It’s now Wheels of Steel every day!

  • patrick decker

    This was taken before I removed all the stickers and the like, so it does have a somewhat cleaner look now. I’ve got a set of studded snow tires, one kept on an extra front wheel that I can throw on when it gets especially nasty out.

  • Johnson

    She’s ready for a nice San Diego winter.

  • Schuyler

    1976 Nishiki I built at the beginning of this past summer. Traded in the lime green deep v’s for some rough cross wheels and tires. The frame was originally purchased in Orange County, gonna see her first winter in Ohio, only took 33 years.

  • DannyRocks

    700×42 knobbies, v brakes. wide (for me) risers. first winter w/ the new build.

  • Mike Wilkinson

    This is a rare bird and maybe it is too fancy for my winter and commuter bike but it does its job.

    The story of this bike is I bought the frame, the courier smashed the BB Shell and I got all my $$$ back. So, it was free minus the fancy paint. All the parts were mined from other bikes.

    The Rivendell has a track rear-end, Richard Sachs lugs and was built in 97. 74 degree angles and it is fun to ride.


  • Kenny

    Who buys mudguards nowadays?

  • here’s my winter bike. my trusty IRO with full fenders over some 700x 28’s, lights, and a loud ass horn for when the lights aren’t good enough.

  • Always Changing

    Voodoo Wanga Fixed, in the westside LA nightime.

  • Rouge

    Here’s my ride for the winter:
    Old french track frame with homemade paintjob.
    Flipped upside down pursuit bars for a more relaxed commute. 700×28’s and some light fenders.
    But the nicest feature is the light inside the turbo saddle. My cateye rearlight fits in there just perfectly (ps: it’s a turbo-gel, nice for a warm ass on cold days)

    greetings from Copenhagen

  • Malcolm

    I already cringe a little when I ride my Dura Ace High flanges in the rain, so I couldn’t bring myself for a winter of riding on them, so I converted (not something I generally advocate) my 81 Trek road bike for winter shenanigans. Bronze Surly hubs, DT Swiss DB to open pros, w/ 700×32 Ritchey CX tires. Also, decided to dabble in some fixed gear Cross, pretty fun (masochistic) times. Once races are done, I will prolly put on the fenders back on. Camera is broken, but had these pictures from friends:

    Ride your bike!

  • 1×8
    hand made hand me down cross frame
    beat to shit turbo
    front rack ftw

  • apfrancis

    1983ish Raleigh Team. For winter: clinchers and just enough room for fenders.

  • Stephen (TOOL) Allen

  • db

    heavy motor oil on the chain, and a nice coating of spray on wax. good waterproofing and makes cleaning so easy you’ll actually do it more often.

  • Initial build:
    650b wheelset to clear large tires and full fenders

    Current set up (now have white Regal saddle)

    HID headlight for commuting out to the dark ‘burbs and back

    Once the Minnesota winter swings around in full effect, I’ll be putting on front and rear studs.

  • I love this bike.
    It’s my second winter with it, and it’s a lot of fun.
    I’ve got a Cetma 5 rail rack that I put on at times, but this rear rack/basket works really well for trips to the store.
    Coaster brake, full fenders, Triple Trap pedals, plastic saddle, 28c tires.
    Built for the soggy Northwest.

  • db

    heavy motor oil on the chain, and a nice coating of spray on wax. good waterproofing and makes cleaning so easy you’ll actually do it more often. (sorry the last pic didn’t work)

  • Ross

    Surly Steamroller with some wide tires, cetma, fenders and brake. love this bike for winter riding.

  • db

    heavy motor oil on the chain, and a nice coating of spray on wax. good waterproofing and makes cleaning so easy you’ll actually do it more often.

  • It doesn’t snow in SoCal.. ;) 77 degrees Today

  • Van Dessel Country Road Bob in ‘fall’ mode. It hasn’t snowed much in Burlington,VT yet but when I go into work tomorrow I’m throwing on some Innovia Studded 700×35’s and full black fenders-there’s snow in the forecast for this weekend!

  • barnyard

    Serotta “Big Dig” hasn’t changed much over the last 6-7 years, classic black with a filth topcoat.
    The mudguard is almost always there (tends to rain a good deal in Dublin).
    Few extra lights for the dark commute is about the only extra winter gear.
    Although I get a few more layers these days.
    Might stick on some grippier rubber if the ice sets in…

  • apfrancis, That’s gorgeous, where can I see more photos of it?

  • Looks pretty winter ready to me. Big cross tires, bright orange bar tape, home built bamboo+hemp, disc brakes. Lets go play in snow.

  • Looks pretty winter ready to me. Big cross tires, bright orange bar tape, home built bamboo+hemp, disc brakes. Screw fenders, lets go play in snow.

  • colin

    30 mins to deadline entry:

  • recur

    utility. It gets some knobby cross 28s when snow starts to fall.

  • Last year :

    Now :

    4 speed Dura Ace, SKS race blades. The front light is a knog that was discontinued for some stupid reason.

  • colin

    about the jamis: my winter/courier bike in montreal until i can afford to warranty my broken chainstay IRO. merino would really really help in the -25C to +5C range for the next 5 months

  • snak_menu

    Winterized Cook Bros 29er. More details on Flickr site:[email protected]/