W-Base Do a Trick Fork Oct 19, 2009

Nasty, the fastest fixed gear freestyle rider on Earth (my opinion) has a new fork on his Fuji. It’s the W-Base Do a Trick 700c fork. Full specs here on the W-Base site. Is that a threaded top cap? Interesting…

Nice looking ride! Remember to always take drive side pics of your bikes! Even when it’s left-hand drive…


Via Fix Pack!!!

  • Aren

    looks slack, but dope left-side-drive!!

  • dennis

    how do they get the cog from getting loose? kinda Interested in doing this.

  • No one has really had that problem. That’s why you have a lockring. I guess you could put blue locktite on the threads too if grease worries you.

  • That’s just a fun looking bike and the fork makes me laugh a little.

  • Vas

    thats the kind of bike i want for my commuter! looks properly sweet.

  • Noir

    Threaded fork, lhd, pivotal seat, tree sprocket, profile cranks, odyssey pc’s? Fixed bmx!

    ^Why you would want to commute on a freestyle bike is beyond me.

  • I commute on my Freestyle bike. That’s one of the defining characteristics of these bikes, they started as quick and efficient transportation. Ride your bike places and hit spots along the way, get off work and ride spots. No need to go home and “swap” bikes.

    Plenty of people have only one bike here in NYC and their commuters are their trick bikes. Which is why we gear our bikes to ride comfortably, not super spinny and it’s also why I ride with my saddle at a comfortable height. Pretty much everything on mine is dialed for multi-use. Comfortable pedals, proper leg extension, wide bars, good gearing. It’s the whole reason people are doing fixed freestyle now too!

    … and it’s the Bootleg Sessions motto:

    “Just because you’ve gotten to where you’re going doesn’t mean you have to get off your bike.”

  • Noir

    Hmm, guess it really is just personal preference, and it does sound like you’ve really thought it out, but you have to admit there are some people out there who don’t put as much thought into it and it shows.

  • yeah, that’s the same for all bikes though. Hang out in any shop long enough and you’ll see tons of wonky and uncomfortable set ups.

  • ~~ no doubt! ^^

    Yes John, that is a threaded top cap! :)
    I just a bunch of these in the shop last week…..Very nicely finished forks, and the sticker removes easily too, although I love the uncomplicated english. Not wasting any words! :)

    PS I rode reversed bmx cranks on my old pink Samson, and never had a problem with the cog.

  • Mike

    thinking about getting this fork for my leader trick star the forks they come with are garbage