Velo Swap Oct 19, 2009

Velo Swap is a massive swap meet in Denver Colorado. It’s this weekend, the 24th of October and bike shops from all over will be there, including Mobius Cycle. If you’re in the area, pick up some tickets now!

(I secretly just love this picture and would have posted it regardless of the event!)

Picture via Mobius Cycle

  • mwa

    Prolly, I love that you have this pic up. This is my local shop man and I love all the support you throw our way through Zlog and Gomeansgo and Mobius. I know all those kids and it’s people like you and them that are really fueling this amazing growth in cycling. I can’t tell you how many Westside Invite meetings we had in that shop or how many other races an events that have been planned there, or how many repairs or builds even I’ve done there. Anyways, thanks for the support. My town aprreciates it.

    BTW – That pic is hot!!! I’ve always thought she had one of the pretty looking shop pics.