Urban Velo #16 Oct 31, 2009

Urban Velo #16 is now online. Pick an issue up from your LBS or check out the online pdf here. It’s jam-packed with features, including the popular “I Love Riding in the City”.

I also wrote an article about the CMWCs and my Tokyo trip. Thanks again guys! Issue looks great!

Urban Velo Issue #16 Preview

  • Urban Velo is definitely my favorite cycling periodical. They touch on all aspects of riding (fixed, tricks & polo, commuting, racing, technology, product reviews, etc.) without getting too heavy handed in any specific area. For someone who commutes and cycles recreationally it’s nice to be able to read about all these different things without subscribing to five different magazines that all suck for various reasons. Plus it’s free online, cheap to subscribe, and the printed version is actually worth my money and isn’t a glossy piece of shit with more ads than words? Sounds good to me.

  • matthew

    hey man awesome article!