The Revival: Final Trailer Oct 28, 2009

The Revival from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

Amazing! Bails and beefs are great to see in slow-motion.

Skitch and Morehart Film presents The Revival. On November 8th we will premiere the film in our hometown of Vancouver, BC, followed by months of screenings around the world. With a dedicated team of athletes we have captured the most progressive fixed gear riding to date. Filmed on location in Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto and New York over the span of six months with twenty different riders. The Revival is here, enjoy the film.

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faster f a s t e r F A S T E R

  • aj

    i see you torey, throwin a little pelvic action in that nosey haha!

  • hey not bad! miller still lookin like a retarded child molester, mosher with his fly 90’s black girls cap. Wonka doin it big, and torrey doin big nose grinds. John from what i saw that shit was lookin good.

  • Ribs

    Hey Prolly, the link to the film’s site brings you to a total mess of a page with seizure-inducing ads.

  • Morehart Films

    The website should be up very soon! Like very very soon.

  • Todd

    Video at the 1:21 mark

    Prolly will probably never make it as a trials bike rider!

    Just kidding – Great video, hope it plays here in Austin!

  • nicfromAustin

    who’s the music? the old lady wants to know.

  • otherPuckett

    prolly, is that a 540cab or the ending of a 900?

  • We shot that a few times. It’s either a 720 bigspin with a 3tap at the end or a 360 bigspin with a 3tap at the end. (720 tap or 980 tap) – I don’t remember.

    The song is:

    The Caravelles “you dont have to be a baby to cry” from the 60’s I think.