Taylor Killing It Oct 13, 2009

I had to repost these. This kid is getting it. Seriously. Really love these pics. The boy wonder from Gnarcotix going big!

Now the question of the hour, did he clear the trashcan?

Pics via Locked Cog and by Max Lewis.

Not All in a Schoolyard
Taylor Dwight

  • barspin looks like his foot is hitting the wheel ……but yo, hellla ups niceeee.

  • That first shot is a killer. Great set all together though definitely going to check out the rest of the shots.

  • taylor

    thanks guys! clearance gets tight, sometimes it brushes my foot and i have to kinda force it around but spinning hard and semi pedaling in mid air. as for the trash clan i cleared it, but it was less then a smooth ride out haha. i ended up rolling about half a crank and falling sidways. as soon as the rain stops i’m gonna try it again and clear it more legitly! :)