Suzue Track Hubs Are Back Oct 28, 2009

Urban Velo just posted a bit of good news for you Suzue fans. The Suzue Pro Max hubs are back! $220 gets you the same classic hubs you’ve always loved.

Thanks for the heads up guys!

  • Good news and super nice hubs.

    But I never even actually noticed that they went to away at all…

  • Yeah, if you tried to order them through a distro, you would have. They stopped making them in 2006.

  • Dickie T

    I’m guessing these are the legit open bearing track hubs? You can find the SB version all over the place, which seems a cheap imposter to me.

  • yeah, the SB version sucks. it’s just as bad as their eco hubs…. those things are a nightmare.

    im just waiting for the carbon one…

  • ladyrachel

    i have these and love them…when nice and clean they’re so pretty too

  • dontcoast

    wow! thats really great! now i have to decide between low flange dura ace and these for my track wheelset :) what do you guys think?

    they should just make these and not bother with the suzue basics- the SB’s were worst hubs i ever rode.