Sugino & Nitto for the CMWC Oct 19, 2009

One of the ways the TKBMA is recouping their financial loss from hosting the CMWCs this year is by selling the CMWC branded components. Blue Lug just got in all the limited red-anodized parts.

Show your support by buying these! Tokyo is in the hole a great deal of money and we need to help them out!

  • terence

    “Tokyo is in the hole a great deal of money and we need to help them out!”



  • idiq

    Yeah, it’s only about $650 for cranks, bars, stem and pedals – not even including the seatpost or shipping!

  • gotta agree there.. isn’t that what sponsorship typically involves? financial backing, thus spending significant cash?

  • Hey guys. Listen, I put it out there in hopes someone buys them and helps the TKBMA out. If you don’t want them, don’t buy them. It’s cool. Me posting them just gets the word out.

    You can comment all day about how expensive it is and at the end of the day it achieves nothing! and yes Mike, sponsorship usually includes financial backing and since the beginning the CMWC had a HARD TIME getting that. Which is why they had companies donate goods to sell off. The cycling industry is supported by companies. If a big liquor or energy drink company would have sponsored the CMWC, people would have been bitching about “selling out”. Ya know?

    If you don’t wanna spend the money, COOL! But hopefully someone DOES.

    It’s for a good cause!!!!!!!