Steel Cinelli Integrated Bar and Stem Oct 25, 2009

I’ve seen plenty of integrated bar / stem combos from the 50’s and 60’s. But a Cinelli steel integrated bar and stem? Strange and yet a NOS set popped up on eBay just now. Curious as to why the stem is mitered and not pointed like the older road and track stems.

Really rad. Anyone have a link to more information?

  • Dickie T

    I’d like to know where you’ve seen more of these. I’ve seen the new ultra-premium carbon ones, but never a vintage set. This thing is steel heaven.

  • Titan made integrated “cruiser” or townie bars and in fact, that’s all I’ve seen are townie or mustache bars. Never a road bend from that era.

  • This site has pics of a few different integrated bar/stem combos, as well as a single (bad) picture of a stem/drop bar combo. It indicates they were usually for kids bikes.

  • Kids bars…

  • yeah, would explain the width. Thanks Jeremy!