Red Bull Illume Oct 8, 2009

All you photographers out there; you may want to get in on this. The Red Bull Illume is an international photography competition focusing on extreme sports. It’s not about shooting someone going the biggest, it’s about shooting a beautiful photograph of something sport related.

Even though It doesn’t have fixed gears or track bikes as a category, I’m sure you can find another sport to pick!

More information can be found here. There’s also some amazing shots in the Gallery section.

Edit: Nick from Redbull commented that there is a category where fixed gear shots could be entered, so shoot away!

  • Thanks for the post Prolly. In the rules it says:

    “Additional action and adventure sports images that are not listed may be submitted as well but the decision to accept and judge images will be at the discretion of Red Bull Illume judges.”

    There’s also a culture category which suits the fixie scene nicely..

    Email [email protected] if you want to know more.

    Cheers, Nick.

  • Err, well not a fixie category as such – but a category where fixie type shots could be entered. The Image Quest categories are more about styles of photo rather than particular sports. Cheers, Nick