Pooch in the Pack Oct 27, 2009

Pixel and me riding home last night from a friend’s house. Apologies for the lack of helmet. It was 3 blocks away. She’s always so stoked to hop in the bag. All I have to do is lay it out on the couch and she jumps right into it.

  • Chris Sans

    Yo john is that the incase skate messenger? did that exterior zipper on the flap start to become less waterproof on yours? i wish the bag was bigger, i traded from a large timbuk2 for it, and was super bummed on the sizing.

  • Yep! that’s the Incase bag. She loves it. haha.

    The zipper did become less waterproof for me as well. I’m going to review the pack this week hopefully.

  • Somekid

    Still should be careful, most accidents occur when your closer to home

  • gaykid

    u in t19 now? kool

  • I picked the hat up in Tokyo. Love it. Expect a Prolly Viking hat to come out in the same model soon…

  • I have a Boston, too, but he’s a bit bigger. We found some dog helmets in Chicago, but didn’t buy one.

  • Rui

    City version of taking the dog for a spin in the car with his head out the window, funny stuff.

  • Torton

    You should get her doggles! I folks’ boston looks almost Identical and My dad takes her on the Harley.

  • Super cute. Is pixel comfy in your bag? I wish we could carry on frenchy like that…

  • Thomas

    I wish I could do that w my rottweiler.

  • thats exactly how i carry prolly in my bag when he was to intoxicated to ride home from the rafa sprint thing in NY. aww good times…

  • Coolest post….

  • that dog is crazy, surprised it stayed in the bag lol…

  • Chris

    Don’t apologize for no helmet. If thats how you rode home then thats how you rode. Kinda sick of this safety police non-sense. Now lights, i can understand that.

  • Jason

    you should post that pic here- http://fuckyeahbostonterriers.tumblr.com/