Pedersen Oct 9, 2009

… and now for something completely different.

I just came across these pictures of Di-Fe’s black Pedersen on Flickr. Pedersens are the self-proclaimed Bentley of Bikes. A guy back home in NC had one. I remember seeing him riding it around and thinking “what a nutty bike”. Arguing ergonomics, strength and stiffness, their unique design sets them apart from other bicycles.

I wanna ride one. Something about the truss-inspired design and hammock-saddle makes me think the handling would be a unique ride.

  • Aaronplane

    It probably is like a Bently in that it’s impractical, you can’t fix anything on it yourself, and if you break anything on it you are stuck with a very unique-looking paper weight.

  • Rob

    I rode one last fall when I was working in DC. As you can imagine, it was pretty laid back and had a rather upright riding position. Also, for me at least, the ‘hammock’ saddle felt like a leather diaper with a lot of give. Not my thing, but I’m sure somebody likes it. If this is supposed to be the Bentley, then what’s the Rolls Royce?

  • jordan

    can you barspin with that fork ;)

  • Jaime Roxx

    Saw two of these in chinatown and looked at em for a bit. Would i ride one? nope. Too much like a tall bike and Jaime don’t do tall bikes.

  • kylej

    yo there’s this cigar-smokin mustachiod guy i see riding an orange one of these through bk. saw him at prospect one day doing the loop. i rather liked the comparison between all the spandex masters and him…