Patinae Peacock Groove Pista Oct 2, 2009

Well. Someone went there and man, it looks nice! Peacock Groove copper-plated a track bike and components for a recent build. Once this beaut patinas a nice turquoise, it’ll look so rad.

  • Rui

    Good look but this thing is begging for some steel profile three piece cranks so they can be copper coated as well. At least some aluminum cranks anoed in a similar tone.

  • I love copper plate. This looks pretty crazy all done up, I think just some accents, like the plated fork from Freeman, of maybe just the frame would be good. But I agree, when this Patinas, it’s going to look incredible. Great find.

  • Adam Shaleen

    Fuck yeah Erik! Peacock Groove Forever baby!

  • hza

    I was wondering when someone was gonna make that happen. Would love to see it all polished.

  • allie

    I bet your hands turn green after a ride…