Nike iD iPhone App and Track Bikes Oct 21, 2009

You read it right. Want to customize your dunks to match the exact color on your track or tarck bike? Losing sleep over whether or not the colors will be 10000% accurate? Well, put away the Ambien and download this Nike iD app for your iPhone.

Get inspired by the world around you – take a photo with your iPhone, or use an existing photo. PhotoiD will create a custom color palette based on your image which you can use to find matching designs.

Search with one or two colors, or try mixing and matching different color combinations to find the perfect design. Got a thing for pink and green? Dial it in with the color picker.

Nike iD

  • aj


  • it’ll match your red beard though GINGER!

  • aj

    dont deny us john, you are ginger to, search your feelings you know it be true.

  • dontcoast

    barf barf barf.

    I’d actually assume no gay person could make something this tasteless (except maybe in SF)

    so hetero it makes me nauseous.

  • oneangrytoast

    are you sponsored by nike yet? did i miss that press release?

    last i checked, u cant even get a custom color palette on the site, but on the iphone u can? weird.

    ok just watched the vid. didnt realize they are actually pushing the matching your bike thing, thought that was a joke.

    neways, who laces their shoes like that????

  • ario

    its a fresh application, but such a stupid ad.

  • But do the colors Nike is providing reeeeeeally match the fork on your Bruiser?

  • oh man, I’ve already got like 30 pairs of dunk highs coming.

    (I like all black shoes usually)

  • Bailey

    & yet all ya’ll wouldn’t be caught dead on a mass produced Trek.