New Profile Fixed Goods in Stock! Oct 15, 2009

Color me stoked! Profile has their new splined 144bcd spiders in stock now.

Along with 49t 144bcd rings to match. Hell, these rings are so nice, they’d even look great on your ‘going fast’ bike.

More ring sizes and bcds coming in soon! Along with these new 3/8″ axles which are bomb-proof! Hell yes!

To order, go to your LBS and have them order them for you. Profile is in the middle of redesigning their fixed site and that will be the quickest way. They’ll also be in the webstore along with a no-boss 165 crankset on Tuesday.

  • Stretch

    What about the splined chainrings?

  • bill

    i’m feeling a red spider with chrome chainring or vice versa

  • AJ

    When is splined sprocket gonna be available?

  • wish they would send stuff my way

  • axel

    do you guys think those beefier axles will allow you to run the half pegs without breaking axles?

  • dennis

    are we able to swap out the old axels for the new ones?

  • yep, you’ll be able to swap out the old axles for the new ones. They’re press fit.

  • dennis


  • gus

    what is the no boss crankset?

  • Jeff

    spider: average to highly overrated due only to it being splined. honestly, if there were tons of splined spiders would you really run this one?
    chainring: looks like a stamped steel piece of doodoo! profile is solid but they need to take a SERIOUS look at their chainring/spider designs and make them more appealing i.e. tree lite and not something that youre IMMEDIATELY put off by i.e imperial, rip saw etc.

  • Jeff I disagree. Even before I was riding for profile I loved the imperial sprocket. I also got a chainring in the mail earlier and it’s comparable to a Sugino 75 ring. Milling is really nice. Same with the spider. Both look really nicely made. It’s cool to state your opinion, but I don’t think it’s shared by all… Profiles addressing the market and I commend them for that. More options are always better