New Era LED Cap Light Oct 19, 2009

Hate putting lights on your street-use carbon track bike? Tired of people stealing your Knogs while your bike is locked up outside a bar? Afraid of cars hitting you at night?

New Era is making an LED Cap light. The Asia-only release says it’s a book light, but I’d imagine people would use these while cycling at night too. It’d fit on any hat, standard bill or short-bill length (umpire caps).

(I’m laughing on the inside)

Via Hypebeast

  • oneangrytoast

    saw that on some other sites, but that thing is curved and all my caps are flat or flipped up!

    lol @ needing six LED’s to read a damn book.

    sup with your new era release?

  • Drew

    I have one of these on my KENT Tour of China cap; it rocks!

  • dgds

    yea this is a joke

  • Drew isn’t joking…

  • Ribs

    What’s one thing that looks dumber than wearing a helmet? Not wearing a helmet. What’s even dumber than that? These.

  • a little bit dorky…but that steeze is totally tits right now, duh!

  • Javier

    You can get these on amazon or ebay for like $5, I mean like the exact same thing but without the new era logo.

    Oh yeah and WEAR A FUCKING HELMET.

  • Bill

    The ones on ebay/amazon/hunting websites run on CR2032 batteries. (48 hour battery life)

    The new era ones run on AA batteries so I would assume the battery life is much much longer.