MKE Stout 144bcd Blackened Steel Oct 19, 2009

I mentioned this earlier today and figured I’d post it up. Milwaukee is now making the Stout chainring guards in blackened steel. Steel will last longer and grind on more surfaces. It’s gonna spark like hell too! The machined lines really show nicely and the finish is spot-on!

This is a prototype, so the production batch should be done soon.

  • simple312

    looks like a disk brake from a car.

  • Don’t get me wrong guys, the trixie fixie thing is pretty rad, and theres some next level shit going down. But… how long will it take for the trend of super heavy parts to match the evolution of bmx parts to super machined out aluminum drillium?

  • There are alloy guards:

    Steel will last longer and grind better on more surfaces. And it’ll spark!

  • mike

    oh great a new one comes out the day i get my aluminum stout..

  • Don’t get too bummed out. It’ll still be a while before these are in production!

  • streets

    Looks sick. They should really make these in 110 and 130 spacing as well.