Mårten and Luke Oct 28, 2009

I’m sure this will get a warm reception. Looks like it was from the same day as the shot that I posted of Mårten this summer. Boys kissing on bikes, the next half-nude girls on bikes. I shouldn’t even allow comments on this post. Ha!

Via BoonDking on Flickr

Mårten from Sweden

  • My lips are ready for a remake, Kissy-face.

  • sau

    this looks potentially dangerous for the cyclist as he could become distracted. haha

  • Spencer

    Or, people could remember that it is 2009, get the hell over it, and enjoy their bikes instead.

    Nico photo.

  • totally agreed!

  • mike schmitt

    this rules.

  • it’s some Wolfgang Tillmans type shit

  • tron

    now this is amazing! i want more!

  • Nice! I’m glad our culture doesn’t have a built-in aversion to this sort of thing like the skate culture we grew up with.

  • t-bone

    I’ve been saying that fixed gear tricks are gay for a while.

  • isti

    ‘gay’ is used so many to times to express disgust and dislike even in the trick track community, it’s so bloody tedious, I am really relieved to see you posted this Prolly, thanks.

  • jimmy

    if you want to remake this pic prolly, im all over it… seriously