iMinusD Carries MKE Bruisers Oct 19, 2009


iMinusD, the San Jose-based track bike boutique just got in the first shipment of Milwaukee Bruiser goods; the S700 forks! Check out their blog for future updates and as always, we’re so stoked for the success of the Bruiser. Thanks to everyone who has purchased one!

iMinusD blog
iMinusD website

iMiNUSD Track Boutique
112 Paseo de San Antonio
San Jose, CA. 95112

  • Jaime Roxx

    I mean yea they are selling your sponsor’s(?) fork but damn man how can you give publicity to a company that has no respect for others? Before too long they’ll be slapping their logo on an asia made copy of that just like the rest of their branded shit. Support the Originators and Innovators.

  • Jaime Roxx

    Hi Haters.

  • It’s the name of the game now it seems. A lot of companies are re-branding blank cranks, rings, cogs, pedals, clips, etc. I guess it’s hard to start off as a new company with legitamately new products. My thoughts are that these re-branded goods allows the companies to really put out unique products after a year or so.

    Like what All-City is doing. Their cranks are re-branded blanks, but they’re putting out their OWN hubs, frames and other things too.

    Ya know? Jaime, I like your commentary, but dude, use a real email! Would like to discuss stuff like this in the future without clogging up posts.

  • Mikey

    I’m gonna find out where Milwaukee gets those forks made, buy a whole shit load of them, and call them the Madison Boxer. My logo is going to be a beer stein with a block of cheese in it.

  • They’re made in the intestines of Wisconsin dairy cows.

  • Lee

    I just finished my trick build with a Bruiser fork on a 53 Volume Cutter and I love it. The clearance is about the same as the Fu Manchu fork and I think it looks a hell of a lot better!