Fyxomatosis Chainrings Oct 14, 2009

Andy over at Fyxomatosis and I were talking chainrings last night and he brought to my attention that he can make the Fyxo rings in any BCD, 5, 4 or 3 bolt. 151, 144, 130 or even 110. Here’s a 110 he made recently. Hell, they’ll even make them up to 96t!

They also have the ability to make a Nuovo Record inspired profile.

If you’re into this idea, contact them. The finishes that are available are raw, polished and anodized.

Mine’s held up great!

How Flush is Yours?
Fyxomatosis and Milwaukee

  • michael

    what about a 116bcd to fit this set of old campy triomphe cranks that I can’t seem to find a good size ring for?

  • Taylor

    Are these not just Cycle Underground chainrings?


    They list some more details on their web site. I have a 151 BCD ring of theirs, and it is amazing, very long wearing.

    Is there any benefit in going through Fyxo?