From Brooklyn to Tokyo: The Brooklyn Element Oct 2, 2009

Brooklyn Machine Works has been long-time friends with the owner of Element Skateboards. So it was only natural for them to produced a co-branded complete bike for the fixed gear freestyle crowd. Along with a clothing line, the Brooklyn Element will be released shortly. Expect full builds coming solid. Wide rims, strong cranks, big tires. The whole package.

Here’s Jeremiah’s current build.

… one of the guys behind Hold Fast, Brooklyn wanted to support the local grassroots scene. Jeremiah gets better every time I see him. Keep ripping man!

Meanwhile, across the globe, Toku is ripping on another Element. Dialed build, adorned with the best fixed gear freestyle equipment and ready to rip Tokyo apart. Oh yeah, is that a mid-BB? Look for that as a possible option too!

Toku’s one of the best riders in Japan. His moves are quick and dialed. Not to mention super consistent. Expect big things from both these riders!

Brooklyn Element Prototype
Pharrell Williams presents Element X Brooklyn Machine Works

  • john

    interesting. i wondered when you guys were going to start using mid bb’s, those tiny euro bearings must be failing like crazy. if you’re running bmx cranks and doing tricks it’s the logical thing.

  • TA

    It just seems to contrived, but maybe know one will notice.

  • kylej

    is that thing left side drive or just photo reversed?

  • Carmel

    If it was reversed you wouldn’t be able to read all the stickers and stuff in the photo, right?