Fixed CX Oct 25, 2009

picture by Dave August

Speaking of racing CX on a fixed gear, Dwain made it out to his first CX race last weekend and did really well; 27th out of 120th in the cat4s. He was the only guy racing fixed at the race. Then, this weekend, he finished in the top 10 in the cat3’s and he’s not even a cat3 yet.

picture by Dave August

Goes to show that expensive bikes with all the latest equipment doesn’t make a winner, it’s the rider. A Gangsta track with the right gearing seemed to work fine. Congrats Dwain!

  • NIiice Dwain!

  • K-Train

    No rear brake? I don’t think that would’ve flown this weekend when I rode fixed. It might have been a nice thing to do given that my brakes were clogged with mud and grass, although the UCI commissar keeps an eye on bikes quite closely. Also, I wonder how those file-ish tread tires worked in what appears to be quite the muddy conditions. Did he skid around the course?

  • dwain

    You only need one brake to be UCI legal, and those arnt file treads they’re Mud 2’s.

  • Gregg

    There was a kid this weekend that did the CX races near Pittsburgh doing them fixed. He cleaned up on it too. I think he has a superior advantage in the mud and slop. Faster courses on the other hand he will get blown away. Maybe a fixed pit bike may be in my futire.

  • Bailey

    Hell yeah Dwain!

  • it’s fun to see so many people around the globe having the same idea! here in Arnhem, the Netherlands, we’re taking our fixies back to the woods too! we didn’t join a CX race though, maybe we should!

  • K-Train

    Ah, Mud 2s work well. I was almost not going to go fixed on the last USGP race of the weekend as I had to ascend, remount, and descend this thing:

    I ended up pedal striking just barely every lap as I was about to come down, but managed to avoid falling..

  • Sam Gray

    The Green Monster!!!

  • I did my first CX yesterday on a 50″ fixed. Technical course with hardly any open straight riding. Very muddy. I did well considering I had some mud clogging issues. Trying to make some mods to the ol’ bike for the next race – Get cantis on the fork or no brakes and cut out the rear chainstay bridge behind the bottom bracket. Check yowie#82’s photostream on Flickr. Ideas welcome :)