Fall ’09 MashSF Capo Kits Oct 29, 2009


MashSF will be putting their new Fall 2009 Capo kits up on their webstore in the next few days. Just in time for those weekend rides in the brisk fall weather.


They’re looking nice and the carabiner graphic made me chuckle. Watch for them on their webstore shortly.

  • Geronimus

    What is it, that people still talk about MASH?
    It must be the little logo with the winged C, otherwise I don’t see why?

  • dontcoast

    nothing super exciting but it’s fairly tasteful and hey, at least it’s not primal wear!

  • Jaime Roxx

    @Geronimus: Yeah, I mean I hear these guys have been riding road bikes and doing all kinda mountain climbs. You know…cycling. Fuck that, its all about Ballerina Skids and Circus gearing right? First ones out the gate get all the hate.

  • Sabina

    @Jaime Roxx
    First one out of the gate was not them, many Bikecouriers befor MASH, i think cooler also and more reality to, but they are designer and photoguy, many conection i think, but not very cool, maybe to cool and they make many money, bike courier no money and no fame only everybody copy now, i think sad, but underground better anyway, ne?

  • aaron

    mash is true sf..

  • fatass

    whur do i get me a potbelly theys real ‘pro’