Desired Hearts x Volume Final Oct 27, 2009

Here’s the final look at the Desired Hearts x Volume Cutter I posted earlier. This golden 700c fixed gear trick bike went to Jeff “Backstabbin” Puckett for winning the Ride the Republic completion.

Head on over to Desired Hearts to see the rest of the build.

Ride the Republic Video
Ride the Republic
Desired Hearts x Volume

  • AJ

    When did Jeff become “backstabbin”????

    Remember this leprechaun?

    way to go Jeff “other” Puckett!

  • jpp

    I think I actually like “other” puckett better than “backstabbin” puckett… or Jeff

  • matt

    i feel like an asshole

  • Don’t listen to AJ. He has no soul. He’s a ginger.

  • We need to just convince Jeff to go by J.Pucky or something. Think: “What Would Diddy Do?”