Clusterfork Oct 7, 2009

upskirt shot

Wow. The painters really turned those forks around! Semi-gloss looks good too.

detail of the ‘B’ cutout

The BMW Clusterforks are back from the painters and ready to be sold. Check out the BMW blog for more information!

BMW Clusterfork

  • Joe

    that isnt the semi gloss?

  • Is that a question or a statement? “Semi-gloss looks good too.”

  • k

    powder coating is cheap and quick. you can tell by the orange peelyness texture.

  • pecel

    im figuring out what joe trying to say.

  • clusterforked

    Got mine ordered and on their way! Those guys need a webstore bad though.

  • riot_hero

    I prefer powdercoat over paint personally. A good job will look just as good as paint and way more uniform. There are never drips, splashes, or puddles. Plus it is more durable and chemical resistant. Chemicals that will eat through paint don’t phase powder coat. Also it isn’t as hazardous to work with.

    Any orange peel was from whoever did the prep or application. It could have been applied to thick or not heated fast enough initially causing it to flow after it set up.