Chari & Co x Steven Alan Oct 19, 2009

The Chari & Co x Steven Alan flannels are in stock and ready to buy. A lot of nice detailing in these, setting them apart from your run of the mill flannel. To see all the details, head to the Chari Blog. Kai, it’s been a while man!

Description below.

Chari & CO. teamed up with Steven Alan in the form of a flannel riding shirt. The shirt includes “a long tail to cover your ass and a Velcro-fastened rip-open chest pocket that’s been relocated to a messenger-bag-friendly position.” Other details, ribbed cuffs and a rear hunting pocket for travel storage (big enough to fit a magazine or water bottle) The collar can be buttoned up to “protect-ya-neck” from the cold. Dyed to match ribbed cuff and collar… Slim fit, exposed side seams to keep shape. This shirt is 100% cotton – made in the USA and is available in RED and GRED flannel for $185.

  • roboto

    very very nice.

    but, anyway, 185$ for a flannel?

  • jd

    All of Steven Alan’s stuff is pretty pricey, unfortunately. I expected this riding flannel to be even pricier given all of the extras details.

    So props to Chari and SA for keeping the price (relatively) sane.

  • Max

    185$USD? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

  • Compared to Steven Alan’s normal price-point and with all the additional details, I’d say that the flannel is reasonable. $185 is only about $10 more than their normal cut and sew flannels.

    Bottom line: no one is forcing you to buy one


    besides, Steven Alan online is almost sold out, so they did something right!

  • paying for the name

    This is horrendously over priced. Any outlier product would shit on this.